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Trade Committee of the European Parliament advocates Business Interests in relation with China (2009)

Wichterich, Christa

EU-China: Civil Society Forum, Hintergrundinformationen, 2/2009, 6 January 2009, 3 p.

The EU Commission negotiates trade issues and agreements while the European Parliament is not directly involved in trade policy. The Commission does not pass substantial information about the state of the art of the PCA or drafted text on to the European Parliament. Without criticizing this lack of transparency, the report aims at influencing Chinese trade-related policy making and the negotiations of the PCA by highlighting certain concerns from a EP perspective.

From a civil society perspective, the main question is whether the European Parliament as a democratically elected body attempts to make a difference vis-à-vis the positions on trade and investment in China phrased by the EU Commission. Whose interests in trade relations with China are represented in the paper? Are views from civil society taken up? Does the EP seek to control the policy makers from the EU Commission? 
Draft resolution of the Trade Committee of the EP
Comments of other committees and factions

Sprache: english
Materialform: positionspapier
Schlagworte: Intern. Beziehungen, Weltwirtschaft, Forstwirtschaft


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