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The Debate about Land Privatization and Real Democracy (2008)

Dale Jiajun Wen

in: China Left Review, 1/2008, Spring 2008

While there are grassroots efforts to rebuild communities and government measures to improve public welfare, fierce battles are being fought over the fundamental land ownership issue. There are powerful interests both inside and outside of China which are using every opportunity to push for land privatization. Typical argument often goes like following: “The current communal land ownership is handicapping rural growth because it is incompatible with the free market principle. The policy should move one step further from current de facto privatization (i.e. family contract system) to total privatization where land rights can be traded freely. Consequently the more capable farmers could thus accumulate more land and achieve economy of scale; and the less capable farmers would sell their land and use the capital to move into other professions. This would improve allocation of resources, further speed up the labor flow from rural to urban areas, and facilitate rapid industrialization and urbanization'

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Sprache: english
Materialform: artikel
Schlagworte: Gesellschaft, Sozialpolitik, Ländliche Entwicklung, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue


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