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Preliminary Report on China’s Going Global Strategy. A Labour, Environment and Hong Kong Perspective (2009)

Globalization Monitor

Working Paper Series

Since the turn of the century China has already become a significant player of out-flowing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investment) and an international world lender. This is against the background of China’s proclamation of seeking a `peaceful rise`. It is followed by more than 20 years of huge FDI inflow, which for many years was second only to the USA and then for three consecutive years, beginning from 2002, surpassed it.

After showing that the official figure of China’s outward investment is a serious underestimation, the report goes on to reveal the extent of lack of transparency and irregularities for Chinese companies investing overseas. It divides China`s outward investment into three periods in order to identify the specific political and economic factors behind them and the problems they posed. It pays particular attention to the question of how China`s overseas investment affects working people and the environment all over the world.

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