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New book on Chinese oil firms in Africa: “The New Kings of Crude” by Luke Patey (2014)

Beth Walker from China Dialogue interviewed the author: How Africa is changing Chinese oil companies, Beth Walker, 10.12.2014

In his new book, “The New Kings of Crude”, Luke Patey describes the oil barons of India and China based on seven years research travelling between the Sudans and Beijing and Delhi where the state-owned oil companies have their headquarters.

Sudan’s civil war and American sanctions against Khartoum in the 1990s opened the oilfields to China and India.  Indian and Chinese large multinational corporations have used Africa as a launching pad into the global market place and to make the first big foreign investments overseas. Sudan was the first place the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) – China’s largest national oil company –made a large scale overseas investment. They stopped simply relying on the host government and in recent years they’ve started to increase their dialogue with local communities, media and civil society. They’ve taken part in corporate social responsibility workshops hosted by international NGOs and Sudanese civil society, engaged international risk consultants and really opened up as a company.