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Neues Hintergrundpapier zur Investitionspolitik chinesischer Banken; Amsterdam (2015)

Both ENDS Foundation , Pieter Jansen

Chinese banks do not only invest heavily in China, but also increasingly beyond national borders, especially in developing countries. The manner in which this takes place is not only of importance to the Chinese, but also to the citizens of these

developing countries. How Chinese banks conduct themselves is also important to civil society organisations and international banks that are concerned with issues related to sustainability, poverty reduction and corporate social responsibility. The regulations that

apply to Chinese banks and international banking regulations influence one another. This publication attempts to clarify why this is happening and what the consequences are.

CHINESE BANKS CONTROLLING POLITICS WITH MONEY: Dieses Papier ist ein Ergebnis der Teilnahme der beiden NGOs BothEnds (NL) und Green Watershed (CN)am EU-China NGO Twinning (www.eu-china-twinning.org)-Programm der Stiftung Asienhaus. Es beschreibt vorrangig die Arbeit der beiden NGOs hinsichtlich der Überwachung der Green Credit Policy Leitlinie Chinas, die seit 2008 in Kraft ist.


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