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Neue IATP-Studie: China und die globale Fleischindustrie (2014)

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

IATP’s (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) Global Meat Complex: The China Series looks in depth at China’s feed, pork, poultry and dairy sectors, the past and future trajectory of the industry, and global impacts of China’s efforts to balance grain self-sufficiency and the desire to provide cheap meat

In vier ausführlichen Studien setzten sich die Autoren mit der Schweine-, Hühner-, Rinder- und  der Futtermittelindustrie in China auseinander.

China's Pork Miracle. Agribusiness and Development in China's Pork Industry. By Mindi Schneider with Shefali Sharma. February 2014

Fair or Fowl? Industrialization of Poultry Production in China. By Chendong Pi with Zhang Rou and Sarah Horowitz. February 2014

China's Dairy Dilemma. The Evolution and Future Trends of China's Dairy Industry. By Shefali Sharma and Zhang Rou. February 2014

The Need for Feed. China's Demand for Industrialized Meat and Its Impacts. By Shefali Sharma. February 2014 

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