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How to build relationships with Chinese civil society? - A Video Report (2012)

Yijiang Chen / Xiayi Zhang / Fulda, Andreas

Video Report erstellt auf dem  'EU-China Civil Society Dialogue on Informal Work and Migration', Bonn, 12-14 November 2011 (Dialogue 3 des 'EU-China Civil Society Dialogue on Participatory Public Policy')

Citizen reporters Yijiang Chen, Xiayi Zhang, and Andreas Fulda investigate how a more efficient and sustainable relationship between European and Chinese civil societies can be developed. Filming took place during the EU-China Civil Society Dialogue on Informal Work and Migration.

This three day dialogue forum organised by the German Asia Foundation and the Institute for Civil Society, Sun Yat-sen University took place in Bonn, Germany from 12-14 November 2011 and involved 59 participants from European and Chinese civil society, government, think tanks, academia, and media.
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Sprache: english
Materialform: audiovisuelle medien
Schlagworte: Interview, Außenpolitik, Intern. Beziehungen, EU-China CSDialogue