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Gute Studie von GRAIN über Chinas Auslandsinvestitionen im Agrarhandel: Who will feed China: Agribusiness or its own farmers? Decisions in Beijing echo around the world, GRAIN, Spain, August 2012 (2015)

When China began importing soybeans as animal feed in the late 1990s, it ushered in one of the most dramatic agricultural transformations the world has ever seen. On the other side of the world, 30 million hectares of farms, forests, savannahs and pastures in the Southern Cone of Latin America were converted to soy plantations to provide China’s new factory farms with a cheap source of feed.  China’s soybean imports have generated immense profits for transnational agribusiness companies like Monsanto and John Deere.

In this short study, Chinese companies with overseas agriculture projects are listed like the state-owned Beidahuang company who invrsts in Argentinia and the Philippines or the ZTE, China’s largest telecommunications company, which acquired 30,000 ha of oil palm plantations on Indonesia’s Kalimantan Island. 


15.11.2020 | Köln

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