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Global Concerns - Global Cooperation. How European and Chinese NGOs Can Learn from Each Other (2010)

EU-China Civil Society Forum

Edited by Nora Sausmikat for the EU-china Civil Society Forum, March 2010, 198pp., 10 Euro

In June 2009 40 representatives of European and Chinese NGOs met in Guangzhou and Hainan to exchange their work experiences on climate change, food security and water.

This "experiment" resulted in new findings on both sides on the respective working conditions and challenges for the future cooperation.

The booklet illustrates the course of these meetings and the ideas for an intensified cooperation between Chinese and European NGOs.

Sprache: english
Materialform: studie
Schlagworte: Ländliche Entwicklung, Konsumwelten, Energie & Rohstoffe, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue