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Food Safety Newsletter 1/2012 (2012)


1/2012, April 2012, 13 p., edited by Zhou Wei, chinadialogue, in cooperation with the Institute for Civil Society at Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou)

As part of efforts to promote public discussion about food safety in China, the Institute for Civil Society of Sun Yat-sen University and chinadialogue will publish five special newsletters focused on this issue. This project is supported by the EU-China Civil Society Dialogue.

In this, the first in our series, we explore the collaborative relationship between consumers and farmers emerging through Community Supported Agriculture, just one way in which people are working to create a new bond with the land.
Documentation 'EU-China Dialogue on Industrial Pollution & Environmental Health'

Food Safety Newsletter 1-2012 (in English)

Sprache: Chinese,English
Materialform: informationsmaterial
Schlagworte: Gesellschaft, Ländliche Entwicklung, Außenpolitik, EU-China CSDialogue, Klimawandel, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue


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