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Environmental Conduct of China`s Companies Overseas Will Be Regulated (2009)

On March 16th, 2009 the Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection decided to bring together the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the People`s Bank of China to issue the Guidelines for Environmental Conduct Overseas. The decision was made at a symposium of the Integrated Policy Packages for Overseas Chinese Enterprises Project (IPP).

The symposium, held in Beijing on March 16th, evaluated and discussed the Research on Environmental Policies of Investment and Aids Overseas, the project`s interim result, and the draft of Guidelines for Environmental Conduct Overseas. Fifteen specialists, scholars and project researchers attended the symposium, representing the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, Peking University, Environmental Resources Management and the Global Environmental Institute (GEI).

The attendees acknowledged the practical application, urgency, feasibility and scientific rigor of the research. They found the research pioneering and innovative, and fill the gap in the research on environmental policies related to overseas investment available in China.

The Guidelines for Environmental Conduct Overseas can help to improve the environmental impact of China`s policy on investment, aids and loans and regulate Chinese companies` environmental conduct overseas.

The IPP project is being implemented by GEI, Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the University of International Business and Economics. Its aim is to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines for Chinese companies to improve their environmental impact overseas. In implementing the IPP project, GEI seeks to work alongside local NGOs in some of the hottest areas for Chinese overseas investment in doing case studies by selecting pilot companies to follow the guidelines.
Quelle: Global Environment Institute, Beijing, 18.3.2009

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