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Dirty Laundry - Unravelling the corporate connections to toxic water pollution in China (2011)


A new investigative report from Greenpeace, `Dirty Laundry`, profiles the problem of toxic water pollution resulting from the release of hazardous chemicals by the textile industry in China. The investigations focuses on two facilities that were found to be discharging a range of hazardous and persistent chemicals with hormone-disrupting properties. These results are indicative of a much wider problem that is posing serious and immediate threats to both our precious ecosystems and to human health. Urgent and transparent action is needed in order to eliminate the use and release of these hazardous chemicals.

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Sprache: english
Materialform: aktionsmaterial,informationsmaterial
Schlagworte: Weltwirtschaft, Unternehmensverantwortung, Unternehmen, Konsumwelten, Nord-Süd, Menschenrechte, Gesundheitswesen


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