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Dialogue on Informal Work and Migration - A Conference Report (2012)

EU-China Civil Society Dialogue on Participatory Public Policy

Bonn (Germany), November 12-14, organised by German Asia Foundation in cooperation with the Institute for Civil Society (Guangzhou), 12 pages

This conference report gives an overview of the workshop-proceedings and provides feedback of some participants.

59 participants from Chinese and European universities, CSOs, governments and media joined the dialogue forum in Bonn in November 2011.

The dialogue focused on three main thematic blocks: The role of migration for the changes on the employment market in Europe and China, national and international law adjustments and the role of NGOs and unions active in the fields of informal or unregulated, nondocumented work, floor wage and dispatch labor system.

Key note speakers Alexandra Wagner (Research Center for International Labour Market) and Huang Yan (Political Sciences, South China Normal University) introduced in the topics, definitions, and historical processes in Europe and China.

The European speaker and participants came from seven different European countries and were activists with more than 30 years of experiences in being involved in social movements, international law specialists and many famous China experts from Europe like Jean-Philippe Béja and others.

Like in dialogue two, South Chinese participants dominated – we had academics from Guangzhou as well as activists from Hongkong. This mixture guaranteed deep and intense discussions on the commodification and expropriation of labor in China as well as in Europe.

 Conference Report 'Dialogue on Informal Work and Migration'

Conference Documentation

Sprache: english
Materialform: informationsmaterial
Schlagworte: Sozialpolitik, Außenpolitik, Migration, Film, Intern. Organisationen, Weltwirtschaft, EU-China CSDialogue, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue, Unternehmen


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