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China`s membership in the WTO - a headache for neighbouring labour markets? (2002)

Hofmann, Norbert von / Schweisshelm, Erwin

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Occasional Papers: International Development Cooperation, Global Trade Union Program, 3 p.

When China joined the WTO in 2001, numerous studies were made to assess the impact of this decision on both the growth of trade and investment in the Republic and on the potential effects on its labour markets. While the long-term projections are positive, short-term effects on the labour market will be negative in certain sectors. Enormous adjustments in agriculture, car manufacturing, in the electrical industry or in mining will cause more than 20 million job losses.

But there is another side of the coin. At least under the present scenario, the admission of China to the WTO does not result in a 'win-win-situation' for the Asian region. The report is trying to tell us why.
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Sprache: english
Materialform: artikel
Schlagworte: Film, Intern. Beziehungen, Weltwirtschaft


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