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Book on Civil Society Contributions to Policy Innovations in the PR China (2015)

Edited by Andreas Fulda, with contributions of Jenniffer Holdaway, Kathinka Fürst, Patrick Schöder, Chun-yi Lee, Stephan Hallett, Andreas Fulda, Andrea Lane, Franscesco Valente, Huang Haoming, Thomas Johnson, Nora Sausmikat and others.

The edited book was published by Palgrave Macmillan and contains the results of a three-year EU-funded project on EU-China civil society exchange (all products like videos and conference reports, PPTs are documented under eu-china.net). Professor Jude Howell of the London School of Economics commented as follows:‘Emerging out of the EU–China Civil Society Dialogue Programme this book brings together several empirical studies of how civil society organizations contribute to policy change and innovation. The case studies of environmental health and disability groups are particularly illuminating.

A fine collection of studies that are an essential read for students of social change in China.’ This book explores the ways in which civil society actors contribute to policy innovation in China.



Schlagworte: Buch, China, Europa


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