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Plünderung der tibetischen Wasserressourcen: China's bottled water industry to exploit Tibetan plateau (2015)

4. November 2015: This week the Tibet Autonomous Region’s (TAR) government released a 10-year plan to encourage the massive expansion of the bottled water industry in the ecologically fragile region, reports chinadialogue. The target is to build 5 million cubic metres of bottled water production capacity by 2020, compared to the production of just 153,000 cubic metres of water in 2014. "This is just the start of the rush to exploit the region’s water resources. Cash-rich companies, including pharmaceutical, confectionery, petroleum and biotechnology, all want a finger in the pie. In November 2014 as part of a government advocacy event called "Good water in Tibet should be shared with the world", the TAR government signed 16 agreements with various investors, totalling 2.6 billion yuan (US $409 million). Among them were state-owned oil producer Sinopec, Bright Food Group, China National Gold Group and the Three Gorges Group, which owns in the world’s largest hydroelectric power station in Hubei province. Although the development plan highlights the "three bottom lines" – social stability, environment and safety– the industry is still growing against the tide of many of China’s environmental policies."

Quelle: Liu Hongqiao, China's bottled water industry to exploit Tibetan plateau. In: chinadialogue vom 3. November 2015