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Blickwechsel: Two Belts, One Road? The Role of Africa in China’s Belt & Road initiative; Cologne, Germany (2017)

Julia Breuer

The silk road initiative of China is not only about Eurasia, but also to a significant extent about Africa. In the light of the EU-Africa Summit 2017 and of the G20 Summit 2017 with Africa being one of the focus areas, China’s engagement in Africa seems more relevant than ever. China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative (OBOR) or silk road initiative is often referred to as a Eurasian infrastructure network initiative, but it is in fact much more than that. The maritime silk road is supposed to go past the coast of East Africa, where several ports are being built. Furthermore, those ports are planned to be connected to Africa’s hinterland by roads and railways.

Schlagworte: Handel, One Belt One Road, OBOR, Afrika, China